Kathleen Dowling Singh

Kathleen Dowling Singh

Kathleen Dowling Singh is a transpersonal psychologist and psychotherapist in private practice. She has lectured widely throughout the United States on death and dying, spirituality at the end of life, and spiritual practices in the midst of life. Her audiences are diverse: spiritual practitioners, hospice staff, medical students and professionals, and ordinary people seeking greater depth and meaning in their living and in their dying.

Kathleen is the author of The Grace in Dying : How We Are Transformed Spiritually as We Die (HarperCollins, 1998), a book named one of Amazon's Top Ten Books in Spirituality the year it was published and recognized by many as a landmark work. She has also served on the board of Graceful Passages (New World Library, 2000), a bestselling book/cd with wisdom for living and dying; and Growthhouse.org, a renowned online portal for end-of-life information, and Companioning the Dying.

She served as a consultant to the PBS series, hosted by Bill Moyers, "On Our Own Terms: Dying in America"; has been a contributor to Beliefnet.com, a widely acclaimed site filled with wisdom and practices for all spiritual paths; and has authored numerous articles (click here for articles). In addition, she is the author of "The Gift of Attention", a chapter in The Wisdom of Listening (Wisdom, 2003). She will participate as Guest Faculty in Heavenly Messengers: Awakening through Illness, Aging and Death, a collaborative program offered by Spirit Rock Meditation Center and the Metta Institute.

Kathleen is a longtime Buddhist student and practitioner, sometime teacher, yet still maintains the ability to speak in broad language, accessible to those of any faith. She is committed to cultivating an awareness of death in the midst of life—recognizing that living in the light of death does much to bring meaning, presence, and joy to our experience of being.

Her emphasis in private practice is on psychospiritual growth, working with people from all walks of life. Her work focuses on healing whatever needs to be healed in the sense of self while simultaneously moving toward relaxing that very sense of self, allowing expansion into a far greater experience of being in the midst of life. She is available for private individual consultation and may be contacted at the link on this site.

Kathleen lives in Sarasota, Florida, close to many of her four children and seven grandchildren. Her new book, The Grace in Aging, will be released by Wisdom Publications in 2014. She is currently at work on another book exploring the stories of awakening--the spiritual biographies of revered American teachers.